Letters to the Editor

Leave Angel Guardian Alone

Dear Editor: Local Bay Ridge newspapers report residents and politicians still wish to control the future of the buildings that remain from the Angel Guardian Home, now closed. The senior citizens who once enjoyed meetings rooms in the home are dispossessed and not happy.

Now their plan is to have the buildings declared landmarks thinking their access will be restored.

Is it a joke?

The only relevant fact is the buildings belong to the nuns who ran the home.

Those sisters, like sisters throughout this country, face the problem of surviving their retirement and old age.

The building is their asset, and would provide means for the survival in the future of the hard working sisters.

Until one of the groups or politicians who believe they have “dibs” on the sisters’ property will volunteer to fund their old age those groups should stay out of the Angel Guardian Home debate.

The lesson should have come from the story of the “Little Red Hen who bakes her bread.”


Bay Ridge

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