Letters to the Editor

Know the Faith

Dear Editor: In response to the recent article, “Why are cradle Catholics leaving the Church?”, I would like to reply. As a literal “cradle Catholic” (having been “rocked” in a cradle by a mother knitting socks or sweaters for other family members), I believe I may be a little qualified.

Just as many people enter the Church through knowledge or seeking, the reason why many “cradle Catholics” leave the Church is ignorance or neglect.

Unfortunately, a great number who leave or don’t practice the faith become easy targets or victims for cults capitalizing on that ignorance. This was verified by my meeting with a young Irishman who told me of so many of his neighbors who had become Jehovah’s Witnesses. Another non-Christian sect is the Church of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) whose membership includes a high percentage of former Catholics also.

Of course, the distractions of today’s consumer-oriented society and the sports driven atmosphere makes reflection on our faith very difficult.

For anyone who wishes to maintain this great nation of America, it should not be that they just study the Constitution and the Founding Fathers. Study should also be given to the Faith and Truth left through the Church by Christ and which is the very foundation of Western Civilization.

“Know the Truth and you will be free,” said Christ.