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Is It Politics as Usual?

Dear Editor: I’m writing in response to some of the letters that have appeared in The Tablet advocating that we support President-elect Trump. I understand that when an individual is elected and may not be the person of our choice we need to come together as much as possible to support that person as the duly elected president. In most elections we need to rely on our representatives to communicate, compromise, and negotiate on behalf of the citizens who have elected him.

However, in this case I am appalled, shocked and disappointed that Trump has been elected. It appears he did not win the popular vote which raises the validity of the Electoral College – a system which may no longer accurately reflect the will of the people. I believe this would be true even if there were different candidates.

I would really appreciate an answer to this question: Is it just politics as usual that politicians who had nothing good to say about Trump during the candidacy are now ready to meet with him?

Several had valid criticisms of Trump’s policies and positions. Now they are willing to meet and work with him. This is not cooperation/negotiation but, in my opinion, lack of personal integrity when you can abandon your seriously held views/opinions and basically become a puppet.

These are individuals who were the victims of personal insults and insults to family members, not just normal political criticism.


Jackson Heights

One thought on “Is It Politics as Usual?

  1. Unfortunately, Rita, you and I appear to be in the minority who read and are published in The Tablet. The United States has elected a man who has no respect for women, been endorsed by hate groups, and has absolutely no knowledge of the needs of the poor and working people. The people chosen for his Cabinet posts show how he is going to destroy the environment, education, housing, and labor. God help us all.