Letters to the Editor

Inspired by Parish Priest

Dear Editor: I have been very blessed to be able to receive the sacrament of reconciliation from Father Evans Julce. He shows me how truly forgiving and loving God is. Father Evans listens quietly, and when you are done, in a whispering voice explains things for you to consider and perhaps do. You know he has taken in everything you have said and has given it much consideration before speaking.

When I leave I am so anxious for the Mass to start. I want the Eucharist! I need Jesus in me.

At Mass, if Father Evans is presiding, I know I am doubly blessed. I will leave knowing through the Eucharist that Jesus is in me and He will be my all. Once you receive Him, there is nothing else you could want.

With Father Evans, I receive another gift. During his homily, he will say something that will stay with me and remind me who I am and what I should be doing. To learn something you can take with you and use to help bring others into the faith is a blessing.

As I watch Father Evans during the service, I truly see the Mass coming to life as I wait for Jesus. Thank you, Father Evans.