Letters to the Editor

Informed Catholic Vote

Dear Editor: I am a practicing Catholics living within the Brooklyn-Queens Diocese. I guess one could call me part of the “silent majority.” Like all of your readers, I love Christ and His Church.

When I read this week that John Podesta and the Democratic Party want to subjugate our Sacred Catholic Tradition that Christ gifted us and “plant the seeds of revolution” in His Church, I became alarmed as I know it will only lead to this nation’s demise and our Lord weeps!

I realize the present times are extremely “politically charged” with the presidential election just a short time away, and I can understand how our diocese and The Tablet may feel reluctant to step into the middle of that firestorm. But in order for us Catholics to vote with our consciences, we must be informed.

Thank God the Catholic League and Bill Donohue are doing just that in defending the Church against the anti-Catholic rhetoric coming from the emails of the chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.