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In Defense of Bishop DiMarzio

Dear Editor:

It is very upsetting that someone, for whatever reason, chose to level such serious charges against Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio (“Bishop DiMarzio Vows Fight, Says He Will Be Vindicated,” Nov. 23). I have read and witnessed the outstanding work that the bishop has done for the Church.

He has led us through very tough times and helped us in in so many other ways. He continues to do so despite the turmoil that we see today. He has spoken for and defended our Church. He is a guiding force in our diocese.

I am just upset at the hidden glee that exists in the press when something like this comes to light. Whether it is the social immoralities or anything else, nothing will ever bring down the Catholic Church.

Should this have to go to court, all will see that he is innocent beyond a shadow of a doubt. Again, I truly believe Bishop DiMarzio. Not only am I praying for him, but I am also praying for the accuser as well as for our entire Church. We will get past this with the grace of God.

God bless you, Bishop DiMarzio. You are always in my prayers as well as the prayers of others who will continue to stand by you.

Maurice B. Bernier

Springfield Garden

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