Letters to the Editor

How to Vote Pro-Life

Dear Editor: I found the opinion of Robert Tillman (Sept. 16) regarding Catholics who support politicians who are pro choice (or as he incorrectly labels “abortionists”) to be extremely simplistic.

He implies that Catholics cannot be true to their faith if they support pro choice politicians. Nothing can be further from the truth. Catholics who really want to vote their conscience must consider the entire platform of a candidate or political party and the consequences of the outcome of those policies. The outcome of an election is way more important than a position on any single issue.

Like many Catholics who vote their conscience, I have almost never been able to support any “so-called” pro-life politicians because they often oppose policies on other issues (universal healthcare, immigrant rights, income inequality, aid for the needy, military conflicts, capital punishment, etc.) which are truly in line with the teachings of Jesus and the Catholic Church.

I will continue to actively support and contribute to political leaders who will promote the agenda of the majority of the values that a Catholic believes in, even if it’s not 100% perfect.


Rego Park