Letters to the Editor

Horror of Health Care Bill

Dear Editor: What a horror we face. Both Houses of Congress propose legislation to replace the Affordable Care Act. With minor differences, the proposed laws will take medical care away from our fellow citizens, who are either poor or lower middle-income workers (an estimated 23 million), and give our very richest citizens $ 800 billion in a tax return; there are about three million of these richest people.

Can we Catholic people allow this horror to happen?

Have these rich people, who are Catholics, raised their voices in protest to the unfairness of this proposed legislation, if so I haven’t seen or heard it!

Has the Church condemned the ideas and principles of this proposed legislation? If the Church has, I haven’t seen or heard of it.

We as a Church must pronounce our revulsion to the main ideas of this legislation. There are parts of the ACA that we object to, and we should state this with conviction that we are right, but we must condemn the main parts of these proposed laws.

To show our revulsion to this direction our legislators have taken we the Church must act. We must take the highest officer in Congress, the Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan and excommunicate him.


Marine Park

Editor’s Note: The U.S. Bishops have been quite vocal in their concerns about the health care bills. As we reported in the June 24 edition, the bishops said that the proposed legislation needs “major reform to provide quality health care for the voiceless, especially children, the elderly, the poor, immigrants and the seriously ill.”