Letters to the Editor

Heroic Brothers of the Diocese

Dear Editor:  One of the most inspirational teachers in my life was Brother Joseph, F.S.C. He taught the eighth-grade boys at St. Cecilia’s Elementary School in Greenpoint in the early 1940s.

In addition to the academic curriculum, which was excellently presented, he would prepare the class for the upcoming Sunday’s Gospel with a Friday afternoon in-depth explanation and lively discussion.

Seventy-two years later, I can still envision Brother Joseph sitting on top of he teacher’s desk espousing the “Good News” of so many parables and the like. That image still remains in my mind’s eye.

I graduated in 1943 and continued to be taught by the Christian Brothers at Bishop Loughlin Memorial H.DS.

John J. Scibelli



Dear Editor:  I began reading the editorial “Unsung Religious Brothers” with much appreciation (Aug. 29).

As a Brother living and serving in this diocese, however, I was disappointed that the Brothers of the Sacred Heart, who have remained quite present and active in the diocese since 1908, receive just an anonymous mention in “the list goes on and on.”

Brother Joseph Holthaus, S.C.

East Elmhurst