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Help Us Make This a Bright Christmas For All

For the past 33 years, I had the privilege of coordinating The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Campaign. The drive is very simple: We ask readers to donate money that will be used to buy Christmas gifts for children who might not otherwise receive a gift at Christmas.

For the past several years, we have been distributing as much as $125,000 to the needy at this time of the year through parish programs and diocesan agencies.

Since I recently assumed the title of Editor Emeritus, I have passed the responsibility of conducting Bright Christmas onto our new Editor, Jorge Dominguez. I am confident that our readers will continue their generous response as Jorge describes the program to you over the coming weeks.

Many of you should already have received a letter inviting you to contribute to Bright Christmas. I hope that you will be as generous as you can afford to be, given all the other requests you receive at this time of the year.

We have been heartened at the way that so many have adopted The Tablet’s Bright Christmas as their special charity at Christmas.

Families, parish societies and students have conducted special collections and sent their proceeds to us for Bright Christmas. Donations are made to those parishes and groups that apply for help from Bright Christmas. If you are a pastor, parish associate, or director of a diocesan group and you need assistance this Christmas to help kids in your area, you should contact Jorge immediately so that he can help you.

We do not accept requests from individuals. There are other outlets for those types of help. We only make grants to parish groups and others associated with the Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens who ask us for help. If you have a request, send it directly to Jorge Dominguez, c/o The Tablet’s Bright Christmas, 1712 Tenth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215.

This is not a toy collection drive. We do not accept clothing or other such types of goods for distribution. This is a cash deal only.

You send us the money and we put it directly into the hands of someone who is working directly with people in our neighborhoods. In turn, they use the funds in the most effective ways for those in their charge. Some buy and wrap presents. Others conduct a group Christmas party. Still others share a Christmas meal with their families.

To make a donation, send your contribution to The Tablet’s Bright Christmas Fund at the address listed above. The sooner you send the money, the quicker we can share your love with someone who needs it this Christmas.

And if you need help with your program, let Jorge know immediately.

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