Letters to the Editor

Harsh and Biased

Dear Editor: It is unfortunate that the words of Pope Francis have been taken out of context in so many printed statements, including The Tablet. To print headlines such as, “Pope: Homosexual priests should be celibate or leave,”(The Tablet, Dec. 8) sounds quite harsh and biased.

While the interview he is alleged to have had with Father Prado speaks of homosexuality specifically, it is an attempt to make clear that all sexual behaviors, not just homosexuality, is unacceptable for those choosing a life of celibacy, whether one comes from a homosexual or heterosexual orientation.

The Tablet article of Dec. 8 does rightfully conclude however with the real issue when it states clearly that religious formation programs must, “help seminarians and aspirants understand themselves and the obligations of celibacy, promote maturity and enable discernment about whether a candidate is ready and able to live a celibate life.”

To which I would add: This is true whether one comes from a homosexual, heterosexual, or bisexual orientation. It is the celibacy understanding, not one’s sexual orientation that is the message. One’s sexual orientation is God’s gift which celibacy gifts back to God.


Queens Village/Floral Park