Boomers & Beyond - Fall 2016

Hank McManus: A Reverse Mortgage, Is It Really the Right Option For You?

You have seen the TV ads with celebrity spokesmen pitching the benefits of a reverse mortgage. Yes, actor Robert Wagner, the “Fonz,” and now Tom Selleck, are urging you to call for information. But did they give you their personal cell phone numbers? Just what is it? Is it really right for you? Who should you talk to?

Fortunately, here within the boundaries of the Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, there is a qualified and trusted advisor who has been helping senior homeowners understand this federal government insured and supervised program for the past eight years.

His name is Hank McManus.

As a graduate of Fordham University’s School of Social Service, McManus sees this present service as a continuation of his career of helping people improve the quality of their lives.

As a reverse mortgage advisor with Evolve Bank & Trust, he brings the resources of a long-established federally chartered bank. This enables him to help seniors, over 62, in all 50 states.

With a reverse mortgage, “you will always retain the title and owner- ship of your house during the entire life of the loan; and you can sell your home at any time,” McManus said.

No Monthly Mortgage Payments

“The best and unique thing about this loan,” according to McManus, “is that there are no monthly mortgage payments. That’s right, you do not make any monthly mortgage payments. If you presently have a mortgage, we pay that off, so all your mortgage payments go away. It’s like getting a monthly raise in pay!”

McManus, who lives in St. Francis Xavier parish in Park Slope, and has offices in Manhattan, provides small-town local service. He will come to your home, sit at your kitchen table and honestly answer your questions and concerns.

This is an absolutely free, no obligation consultation. You may reach him at 917-539-1623.

And yes, that is his personal cell phone number.