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Greenpoint Parishioners Put Their Faith on Display

jesus carries cross
woman pray station
Pastor, kenny and servers
crucifixion from back
Simon of Cyrene
Veronica's veil

St. Anthony-St. Alphonsus parish, Greenpoint, took part in the Good Friday celebrations happening across the diocese and around the world with an emotional performance of the Stations of the Cross through the streets of the neighborhood.

The Stations were read in both English and Spanish as people of all ages reenacted Jesus’ final day. The crowd doubled in size from beginning to end as people on the streets stopped and joined to watch.

Parishioner Juan Manuel Martinez was proud of what the community had done.

“We are walking the path of Jesus and it is our opportunity to put our faith on display,” he said.

“Today’s performance was very emotional, as many aspects of the physical pain Jesus went through have been acted out and created such a strong effect on people.

“The Catholic faith is continually building the community and we have seen our group here today grow so much. Maybe these people will stay to join us in church and maybe even one day consider joining our community fully. It is very beautiful to share our faith with one another.”

Lifelong parishioner and active member of the Knights of Columbus, Rick Kenney was thrilled with how many people participated.

“Today is a strong expression of the influence of the Catholic community and a display of faith that doesn’t seem to happen enough. I am watching people on the street and maybe it brings back memories of a Catholic upbringing or they are seeing it for the first time, but either way, if it is getting them to think of their faith, then the message is there.

“Many people joined in and we could not be happier to have them,” Kenney said. “That is what Good Friday is all about, telling the story of Jesus and showing our faith for everyone to see.”