Letters to the Editor

Great Homilists Continued

Dear Editor: I am a parishioner at Blessed Trinity in Breezy Point. All three of our priests are excellent homilists but I would like to recognize and give credit to Jim Ruoff, one of our deacons.

He is concise, clear and to the point. He gives background and often touches on all of the day’s readings to connect them and show their relevance to our lives as we live them. He is always well prepared and may God keep him with us for many years.


Breezy Point

Dear Editor: Father Sean Suckiel of Blessed Trinity parish, Breezy Point, always gives a wonderful homily. Each one is most inspirational and healing. I appreciate his explanation of the Gospel, while always stressing God’s love for each of us. I am so grateful for his presence in our parish.


Breezy Point

Dear Editor: I wholeheartedly agree with Annette C. from Middle Village (March 7) that Msgr. Michael Carrano of Our Lady of Hope is articulate and gives very good homilies which are concise and don’t belabor the point.


Middle Village

Dear Editor: We’d like to add the name of Msgr. Kevin B. Noone to the list of “Great Homilists in Diocese.”

Msgr. Noone is our spiritual leader here at Our Lady of Angels (OLA) parish in Bay Ridge. Through his genuine and engaging manner, Msgr. Noone correlates Scriptural passages to the challenges each of us face along life’s journey. He motivates us to have the courage to look deeply inside our hearts, and inspires us to become the very best we can be, as we strive to become more Christ-like in all that we do and say each day.

We are so grateful for all the ways Msgr. Noone is a healing and therapeutic presence for our family, and all of the families within the OLA parish community.

May God always hold Msgr. Noone in the palm of His hand.


Bay Ridge

Dear Editor: As a long-time member of the Diocese of Brooklyn, allow me to render my opinion of five outstanding homilists I have had the pleasure of hearing preach over many years and who are blessed with a very special talent:

Father Vincent A. Termine, deceased pastor of Most Precious Blood, Brooklyn. I had the pleasure many times of hearing him address the parishioners of St. Francis of Paola Church, Williamsburg, when he was a curate there during the late ’50s-early ’60s. His well-prepared homilies were always very memorable. He had a unique manner of holding the interest of everyone.

Father Alfred Sepe, deceased pastor of Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church founded in 1853 (popularly known as St. Mary’s, Maujer Street, Williamsburg). Father Sepe first served as a curate at St. Mary’s and then became pastor. He died in the early ‘90s. Father Sepe delivered great, simple and well-prepared homilies all loud enough for all to hear.

Reverend Andrew Varano, former pastor of St. Francis of Paola Church, Williamsburg. A great homilist who follows a well-prepared outline, speaks slowly and has the ability to hold your interest from the time he begins to the end. Though now retired, he still treats the congregations of Divine Mercy parish, Williamsburg, to his special homilies.

Father Joseph Wilson, parochial vicar at St. Margaret’s Church, Middle Village. I have had the pleasure of hearing Father Wilson deliver homilies at St. Margaret’s on weekends when I often attend Mass there. Clear, well-connected thoughts fully explained and to the point in subject of each homily.

Msgr. David J. Cassato, (former pastor of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, Williamsburg, and now pastor of St. Athanasius Church, Bensonhurst). In my opinion, the greatest homilist I have ever heard and he is getting better and better, as he notches up many years of preaching experience.