Catholic Schools Week 2016

Good Shepherd Catholic Academy, Marine Park

Leading the Next Generation to Success

“At Good Shepherd Catholic Academy, the faculty and staff will work collaboratively to ensure that meaningful student learning will take place each day.”

Located in the heart of Marine Park, Good Shepherd has been living that vision statement for 85 years.

That tradition continues today as the academy, under the leadership of its dynamic new principal, John O’Brien, offers a rigorous academic program from UPK through eighth grade. The academy emphasize excellence in literacy and mathematics along with commitment to discovering the world through social studies and the sciences.

Academic programs include:

• Math: The opportunity for eighth-grade students to take ninth-grade algebra daily at St. Edmund Prep and, with a satisfactory grade on the Regents, receive high school credit.

• Technology: Weekly computer class emphasizing 21st-century skills, digital literacy and citizenship.

• Music: Student participation in an excellent vocal program.

• Foreign Language: All students receive weekly instruction in Italian.

What truly makes Good Shepherd Catholic Academy stand out is its Catholic identity and its dedication to the Gospel values. Faculty and staff believe in instilling the faith, and in living it every day. The academy has established a family atmosphere where every child is valued, loved and cared for, and parents feel involved in their child’s education.

In a recent survey, parents offered the following comments:

“The faculty acts like extended family members. They applaud when a student achieves and encourages them to reach for more.”

“The teachers and administration know and care for each student and take a personal interest in seeing them succeed academically and personally.”

“It’s very important to me that the spiritual foundation I am laying with my kids at home is extended as part of their education at school. That is one of the main reasons I chose Good Shepherd.”

We believe you will be just as pleased choosing Good Shepherd Catholic Academy for your child.

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