Good Friday in Flushing

Several hundred people attended outdoor Stations of the Cross on Good Friday, March 29, at St. Andrew Avellino Church, Flushing. More than 40 confirmandi from the parish school and religious education program conducted the Stations in full costume under the direction of Maria Tortorella, religious education director. Ivan Barrera was selected to portray Jesus. Father Joseph T. Holcomb, pastor, led the crowds and offered a reflection in church following the presentation.

Meditating on the “first Good Friday, the day that changed everything,” he noted how “heartbreaking” it is to think how Jesus was treated.

“Today, our focus is on the remarkable sacrifice Jesus made for the world,” he told parishioners, neighbors and guests. “Through God’s love, we are renewed, reborn, redeemed and saved. … He loved us 2,000 years ago and that love continues today.”





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