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God’s Earthly Army

Dear Editor: Kudos on your excellent defense of the Knights of Columbus (“As The Tablet Sees It,” Jan. 12). The works of charity and mercy, which your article so accurately reports is only the tip of the iceberg of the overwhelming works which are performed every day all over the world.

I have been fully involved, since the early ’60s, as a part time, unpaid lobbyist and full time activist in defending our Church and Faith held teachings and beliefs – one of the reasons why I joined the Knights.

I fully agree, that politics and sadly, too, many in political office, have reached a new low in dispensing hate, lies, misinformation, social and cultural ugliness and very little meaningful or useful legislation unless, it benefits them or their back room cronies personally.

When I was active in lobbying in the legislative dens of smoke and mirrors and the good old boy cauldrons, there was a saying, which I will clean up in respect for your readers, “Politics is a dirty game and one must be dirty to be in it.”

The name of the game has become, the secular non-virtues of “power, profit and prestige.” When one enters into political halls of depravity gone postal, most are contaminated with a ravenous hunger and unquenchable thirst for the pre-mentioned “non-virtues.” When one enters into political halls of depravity, most are contaminated with a ravenous hunger and unquenchable thirst for the pre-mentioned “non-virtues.”

Satan is alive and well and living in the corporate penthouses and the backroom dens  of dysfunction in New York, Albany and Washington, D.C. and throughout our country and world.

The Knights of Columbus, present the most powerful alternate, by living God’s virtues, driven by the principles of charity, unity, and fraternity. They are God’s earthly army.

It has been said that “Knights are often not the saints that they should be, but they are sinners seeking to obtain sainthood by virtue of the works of love, mercy and charity which they perform each day.

Bob Fallon

Breezy Point

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