Letters to the Editor

God Bless America

Dear Editor: ‘God Bless America’ I always thought was a paean to the wonders of America and Kate Smith was a great patriotic entertainer who was dedicated to our soldiers at war.

I was very young but I remember her closing her radio program with, “If you don’t write, you’re wrong.”

Who has the time to do all that research into words of songs written 70 years ago to check for a racist word?

We have enemies who want to divide us and this is one of their methods. We are falling into their hands ­– governors, senators, mayors, major league owners, all of them. But God will win in the end!

The ‘followers’ who jump on the bandwagon are falling into the hands of those who would see our beloved country fall into mediocrity! It’s their plan to divide our nation, not unite it!

Just one more thing, 99.9% of those who hear “God Bless America “ at sports games, etc., never heard any racist lyrics from Kate Smith’s version in their whole lives! I’m one of them. But what those ne’er-do-wells really are trying to do is to get rid of God from any form of praise! Let’s not kid ourselves – that’s their goal! And with the help of ignorant patsies, they will succeed! Come on, America, wake up!!



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