Letters to the Editor

Francis Offers Great Hope

Dear Editor: In reply to Bob Fallon’s Letter (Oct. 10) which you headline “Fix the Church of Jesus,” we agree with Fallon’s assertion that Pope Francis has embarked vigorously upon this mission and ministry.

What do we see in the Church’s future, as we gauge the effects from Francis’ visit?

This will be a time when evangelization and liberation will again change our church.

This will be a great time in Church history, as Pope Francis takes hold of the ship sailing in the wrong direction and turns it around.

This will be the time of the Church’s greatest response to Francis’ call to reverence all creation, and to help the poor, the marginalized, the oppressed and the immigrant.

This will be the time when Catholics remember their stewardship and the children.

This will be the time when all people have a chance to reach for their God-given potential.

This will be the time and the legacy of Pope Francis, the “People’s Pope,” who asked the downtrodden and the mighty alike to pray for him.

We cannot afford to miss this boat.

Far Rockaway