Letters to the Editor

Fr. Flanagan of Dunwoodie

Dear Editor: It was good to read Effie Caldarola’s column (Nov. 4) in The Tablet.

Father Edward Flanagan studied at St. Joseph’s Seminary here in Dunwoodie before falling ill and eventually moving on to Omaha. I believe he studied under the great Father Duffy whose statue overlooks Times Square.

I spent two incredible summers working for Boys Town and with the young boys and girls there. Father Flanagan was a priests’ priest, who, along with the kids there, changed my perspective of youth ministry and evangelization in today’s Church.

I actually lived in the same houses that the Japanese-Americans lived in and echo Effie’s claim that Father Flanagan is present on campus even today, especially in Dowd Chapel located on the campus there.

Boys Town was on the brink of going bankrupt, but was saved by Father Val Peter, Executive Director Emeritus. He has written some great books about Boys Town, and one includes an entire chapter about St. Joseph’s and Father Flanagan’s time here in New York.

Boys Town was even present in Brooklyn prior to its departure this year. Seminarian Chin Ngyuen, now at Immaculate Conception parish, Astoria, was also an employee of Boys Town for a time.

Thanks for shedding some light on Father Flanagan while he remains on the road to sainthood!




Editor’s Note: Brendon Harfmann is a second year seminarian at St. Joseph’s Seminary.