Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor: The website of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good invites people to join their organization by featuring a photo of Pope Francis hugging a disabled young boy and asking people to join them in “fighting for a culture of life, justice and encounter in the public sphere.”

Its Pro-Life page includes a statement from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and declares that Catholics in Alliance stands “four-square in defense of any and all threats to human life.”

It goes on, “Today, human life is threatened by abortion, war, euthanasia, and poverty. We believe that these threats are related.”

Yet Veronica Sheehan (Readers’ Forum, Jan. 17) calls this organization “dissident” and “a notorious pro-abortion Democrat Catholic front group.” Ms. Sheehan is entitled to her opinion on Mario Cuomo or any political party, but she is not entitled to create facts. I do not believe that The Tablet should censor opinions, but the editor should have asked Ms. Sheehan for evidence to back up her very serious allegations against Catholics in Alliance before printing the letter.


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One thought on “Foul!

  1. You are wrong. If you are so interested in facts, name one occasion in which “Catholics in Alliance for the Public Good” refused to endorse a pro-abortion politician over a pro-life politician. Find any occasion in which they denounced the pro-abortionism of any pro-abortion politician. But you can save your time. It doesn’t exist.