Letters to the Editor

Farewell to Nursing School

Dear Editor: Thank you for Michael Rizzo’s wonderful article on St. Catherine’s Hospital School of Nursing final breakfast! It was with great joy that I read this.

I graduated in the class of 1965. We had a wonderful education that prepared us to work in any area upon graduation. Of course, technology changed how we cared for our patients but one thing remained constant, we treated each person as we would want to be treated.

As many of us remember, the sayings over the blackboard in our Nursing arts class, “If you were sick, which nurse would you want? Imitate her!”

Thank you to all our instructors and, of course, the Sisters of St. Dominic.  Faire Mon Devoir!


Naples, Fla.

One thought on “Farewell to Nursing School

  1. I am trying to reconnect with an old friend I have known since the 60’s. Last contact I had with her and her husband Bob Dillon was that they lived in Bayport, LI. Pat and I worked together at our first nursing jobs and were friends until the 80’s when we lost contact. I would love to reconnect if possible but unsure how to…Can you help?