Furthering the Mission

Exploring Donor Impact With Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens

By Msgr. Jamie J. Gigantiello

SPONSORED CONTENT — The mission of Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens is to assist critical programs, institutions and ministries that further the Church’s mission in Brooklyn and Queens through financial support and counsel while developing and administering Foundation resources prudently and consistent with Catholic teachings.

In my role as Vicar for Development, I have the privilege of helping to oversee the good works of Catholic Foundation to carry out its mission in support of our Diocese in Brooklyn and Queens. In this new Furthering the Mission column, we plan to share with you how the fulfillment of our mission has impacted our neighborhoods and our parish communities, allowing our faith to
grow through the generosity of our many faithful supporters.

We hope to illustrate how beneficial each donation to Catholic Foundation is to the thousands of people who are assisted and who are moved in their faith by the various ministries that we fund —ministries such as Catholic Charities, Catholic Migration Services, Catholic Youth Ministry Initiative, vocations, Catholic elementary and high school education, religious education, chaplaincies, as well as the care of our elderly priests and the improvements needed to keep our parishes vibrant and responsive to local community needs.

Furthermore, we hope to help you to better understand the ways you can and do make a difference and how interconnected the works of the Foundation are with the programs and ministries that exist throughout our

Lastly, we believe the stories we share with you will be ones that you can relate to in your own faith experience in the Catholic church, especially here in Brooklyn and Queens. So, whether as a supporter of our programs, a beneficiary or both, you can share in the joy of our spreading the gospel through our Catholic community Foundation.

Many of the fundraising initiatives spearheaded by the Foundation may be recognizable to you. They include Generations of Faith, the Annual Catholic Appeal and Futures in Education, among others. Within each of these initiatives are countless programs and ministries that are funded and supported by our efforts; many of which are listed above.

They keep our Catholic Church alive and vibrant in Brooklyn and Queens. As we prepare to share with you in future articles how your generosity furthers the mission of the Church in Brooklyn and Queens, we would love to hear from you regularly.

How has your parish community benefitted or been impacted by the Foundation? How have your contributions helped to further the mission? Please email us at info@cfbq.org. Please know that you will be remembered in my prayers, please remember me in yours!

Msgr. Jamie J. Gigantiello is the Vicar for Development, Diocese of Brooklyn. 

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