Back to School 2015

Excitement Surrounding Xaverian’s Expansion to Co-Education

In March, 2015, Xaverian’s president, Robert B. Alesi ’78, along with Brother Lawrence Harvey, C.F.X., chairman of the board of trustees, proudly announced that the board of trustees voted unanimously to commence the latest phase of Xaverian’s long-range strategic plan, which includes expanding co-education from its highly successful middle school program, Genesis, to the high school grade levels, as well as the continued progression of multi-phased renovation and expansion initiatives.

“We are excited to implement the next phase of our long-range strategic plan to become an even stronger school,” Alesi said. “Over the last five years, we have strengthened our admissions requirements, enhanced our academic offerings and expanded our curricular and extracurricular programs.

“As part of our strategic plan, in addition to offering a co-educational high school program, we are moving ahead with major capital initiatives that will continue to improve our facilities and allow us to better prepare students for the future.”

Brother Lawrence reflected on the latest step forward in the school’s esteemed history saying: “Never before has there been a time when the need for quality, Catholic education is so critical to the Church’s ministry of evangelization. That is the very purpose of Xaverian High School’s existence. Xaverian has a nearly 60-year history of producing talented alumni who are leaders in their communities and who contribute to the world in so many ways.

“The expansion of Xaverian’s grades nine to 12 to include both male and female students, as well as the continued enhancements to the school’s facilities and programs, will allow us to influence for the better an even greater number of young lives, as well as to create a larger community of faith, strengthening the mission of the school.”

With unique offerings such as a one-to-one computing environment with the iPad; the renowned MAX (Music at Xaverian) program; the Michael T. Strianese ’74 STEM program; an internship program featuring partnerships with more than 50 mentors in the areas of law, medicine, business, politics, law enforcement, arts and culture, military and journalism, as well as consistently impressive college placements at prestigious institutions, such as Princeton University, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania, Brown University, University of Notre Dame, Macaulay Honors at CUNY, US Naval Academy, US Military Academy at West Point, there are no limits as to what young men and women will accomplish at Xaverian.

Ritvik Taneja, who was the valedictorian of the Class of 2015 and is attending Cornell University, reflected on his experience at Xaverian, saying, “At Xaverian, we found no limits. No barriers. No obstacles. Xaverian taught us that the greatest restriction we can place on ourselves is what we expect of ourselves.As we grew and matured, we saw these expectations begin to parallel our desires for achievement. The timid and apprehensive boys we once were became outgoing and determined men. Whether it be men that play it out on the field, convey their own messages through music, or work to coach and mentor the under and upperclassmen of today, we all have grown to embody what it means to be a part of Xaverian. And what that means is to be fearless but respectful, to be altruistic and givers of hope in a world that is in need of such light.”

Learn more about Xaverian by attending the Open House on Sunday, Oct. 18, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.