Letters to the Editor

Every Life Is Priceless

Dear Editor: Trump won because people are tired of killing human beings, babies, seniors, disabled and depressed, and pro-life people are glad he won. Get over it, because it is very annoying to read in the papers from women who constantly talk about the death penalty as being equal to abortion.

First, most pro-life people do not support the death penalty either, so these people who say we do are very wrong and they know nothing about pro-life people at all.

However, babies are innocent human beings who have never hurt anyone in their lives, whereas death row people have killed at least one if not many. Some are mass murderers.

The pro-choice people want babies aborted without realizing they are making mass murderers out of many woman and men because women use abortion as birth control, and men go from one woman to another never accepting the responsibility for all the babies they sire and kill them instead.

At the same time, many pro-choice people would never give a hardened criminal a choice as to whether or not their lives should be over. Makes no sense, as many keep a hardened criminal alive in prison costing millions of dollars so they can be punished, but will never want a poor or disabled child to be born and glad to spend money so that they can be taken care of and their parents can be taught to support them and love them.

Does any pro-choice person really think that abortion is not giving a child the death penalty or realize that the child did nothing to deserve it?




Dear Editor: When I taught CCD, in order to emphasize the importance of life to the young students, I said, “All the money that was ever printed and minted could not pay for one of you.”

Yet every day in America, 3,000 young lives are extinguished. When I mentioned this to a Catholic, the answer quickly given was “but there are other issues.”

There is no question about that, but the fact is that all other issues combined do not equal a matter of life and death. When a candidate promises “life” as opposed to “death,” to whom should any Christian give a vote, though it transcends all religions.

The conditioning of people can be very subtle and incremental – difficult to detect, but when Christian people fail to see killing for what it is, then there is a problem. The death penalty was used when society did not have the means to incarcerate those subject to it, but that is no longer the situation, for there are many prisons.

Albert Pierrepoint, the official British executioner who hanged 608 people, said it best about the death penalty: “It is not a deterrent.”

If we hope to make America great again, we can do no better than to immediately begin to respect life.