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Elected Officials in America Are Allowed to Disagree

Dear Editor: Ed Moffitt writes in a recent letter that “The two sides disagree on who runs this country” (“Are We Still Capable of Coming Together?,” Readers’ Forum, July 27).

No, Ed. It’s called separation of powers. Elected officials in America are allowed to disagree. The reason people have a problem with the election results is because the Russians used classic Soviet disinformation tactics and theft of personal information to sway voters. And Trump has repeatedly refused to condemn Putin for doing so.

The Tablet is supposedly a religious newspaper, not a political one so let’s get back to God. Ed says “God bless America.” As long as Trump is president and some people blindly support him, presumably based on some kind of sentimental notion of patriotism, I say “God help America.”

Michael Haigney

Park Slope

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