Letters to the Editor

Don’t Disrespect the Flag

Dear Editor: Kudos to Mr. Amato (Readers’ Forum, “Stand for the Anthem,” Aug. 25). I have long felt the same about these athletes ever since the first one took a knee during the national anthem. Everyone has the right to protest. The laws of this country grant them that right, and I defend that right till my dying day.

But don’t disrespect the flag and the country that grant you that right. Too many men and women have given their lives protecting this country and those rights. If you don’t want to stand and salute the flag, then stay in the locker room until it’s over. And to my understanding, the New York Jets football organization has told its players to continue doing what they’re doing and the organization will pay their fines. Shame on the Jets organization for allowing this to continue. And shame on the media for exploiting these actions when they do happen. If the media didn’t make such a big deal about it, it wouldn’t be as widespread as it is.

There are millions of young adults and children watching these sporting events. They are growing up with the attitude that disrespecting the flag and this country is acceptable. It’s not! It’s not the country that has given them cause to protest, it’s the people running it.

Too many people are trying to change and erase history. If not for these historic people this country would not exist. Yes, they have done some reprehensible things. But at the time these actions were taken there were no laws preventing them. We’ve learned from their mistakes. We’ve enacted laws, rules, and regulations that prevent these actions from being repeated.

So as Mr. Amato so eloquently put it, if you don’t respect the flag then pack your bags and leave. Try taking these actions in another country. I’m sure the repercussions will not be pleasant.


Park Slope