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Diocese Invites Faithful to Respond to Survey on Family and Marriage

In preparation for the General Synod of Bishops on the Family, due to take place this year in Rome, Oct. 4-25, the Diocese of Brooklyn has launched a survey on marriage and family life, to reflect the views and concerns of the faithful of Brooklyn and Queens.

“This survey is our response to and support of Pope Francis’ desire for a welcoming Church. In order to better attend our spiritual needs and desires, the Church wants to listen to and understand its people, especially in one of the most important matters: the family,” said Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

The survey is a joint effort of the Diocese of Brooklyn and DeSales Media Group, the communications and technology arm of the diocese. The survey is available in both English and Spanish, the two main languages of the multicultural diocese, also known as the Diocese of Immigrants.

A summary of the survey results will be sent to the United States Conference of Bishops (USCCB), that is preparing an aggregated report on behalf of the Catholic faithful of the nation.

A similar effort was made in late 2013 as a basis for a diocesan report sent to the USCCB, which had been compiling similar reports from dioceses throughout the country in anticipation of the Extraordinary Synod of 2014.

To complete the survey, visit www.dioceseofbrooklyn.org/survey.

One thought on “Diocese Invites Faithful to Respond to Survey on Family and Marriage

  1. I am glad the Vatican is willing to listen to the faithful on the subject of marriage and divorce. I have a friend
    who is has been and is a devoted catholic, who is so torn because she had to get divorced. She did everything she could to avoid it. Although she got an annulment she still wondered what she did wrong. She is the person responsible for my conversion. For forty-seven years she has been the best friend, supporter emotionally and spiritually for myself and my kids two of whom are her god-daughters. God bless her. Her name is Roxanne, please pray for her.May God also Bless the Holy Father and his Shepherds.