Diocese Expands Schools Plan

On the heels of the successful establishment of 17 new Catholic academies, the Diocese of Brooklyn recently announced the expansion of Preserving the Vision, its strategic plan for schools.

Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent of Schools, presented the Preserving the Vision 2011-2014 Strategic Plan to elementary school principals at the annual Principals Convocation held Nov. 3, at Immaculate Conception Center, Douglaston.

The strategic plan emphasizes the collaborative nature of the planning process, which includes lay leadership expertise with input to address finances, marketing, recruitment, and development.

He noted that the strategic growth of Catholic schools and academies in the diocese will be a highly “collective and collaborative effort” with enriching partnerships.

Preserving the Vision details the following planning elements as integral to the future of Catholic education in the Diocese of Brooklyn: mission, Catholic identity, academic excellence, finance, enrollment, marketing, governance and leadership.

Bishop Frank Caggiano, Vicar General, closed the meeting praising Preserving the Vision and its focus on perpetuating Catholic education in the diocese.

He alluded to the need for expansion and the transformational nature of the plan.

He called for “commitment by all” and “the leadership of principals in the future to drive the plan forward.”

Principals will now engage in preparing their individual school strategic plans, which will align their school with the goals and mission of Preserving the Vision.

To view Preserving the Vision online, visit: www.mybqcatholicschool.com