Letters to the Editor

Democrats vs. Catholics

Dear Editor: Your article “Cardinal Dolan: Democrats Abandon Catholic Values” (March 31) states that the good Cardinal wrote in the Wall Street Journal that he was saddened Democrats were attacking Catholics and their faith. Why? He must have known the Democratic Party has pushed a culture of death (abortion) that has resulted in the deaths of millions and millions of babies. While every Sunday, Catholic pulpits have been silent!

Cardinal Dolan admitted his grandmother whispered to him, “We Catholics don’t trust those Republicans.”

From the very beginning of the debate about “abortion,” it was the Republicans who supported the life of babies in the womb. And, it was the Democratic Party and their presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, that supported Planned Parenthood and their culture of death.

I’m deeply troubled and disappointed with Cardinal Dolan, for taking these many years to figure it out – Republicans are the good guys!

Ed Moffitt

East Flatbush

Editor’s Note: Instead of being troubled, let’s rejoice that Cardinal Dolan said what he said.


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