Letters to the Editor

Defund PP

Dear Editor:

I agree with Michael Mullaney from Bayside (Readers’ Forum, Oct. 10) where is the outrage against Planned Parenthood (PP)?

It can’t be that the Catholic Church does not want to get into politics. Cardinal Dolan told us Catholics to stop coming to “daddy” …go out into the public square. He told us that Catholics “ought” to be in politics.

A few days ago, I was copied on an email from the K.of C. Supreme Knight in New Haven, Conn., to call Congress to support H.R. 3495, “The Women’s Public Health and Safety Act,” which will allow states the freedom to exclude abortion providers from Medicaid funding. Please contact your representative with this message and encourage him or her to vote for this important legislation.

I sent him two emails explaining that calling on this bill was a waste of time. Why? Because any bill that makes it to Obama’s desk will be vetoed. My second email explained that McConnell supports PP and will not send the bill to Obama to be vetoed, anyway.

I offered the only suggestion that will work. Have the K. of C. sponsor an effort to get one million Catholics to call McConnell and demand that no budget be signed that funds PP. Let Obama explain to the American people that he is shutting down the government to support selling baby parts. A government shutdown is a non-event. 83 percent of the Gov’t is essential and can’t be shut down. The other 17 percent of Gov’t workers get an extra paid vacation when they receive back pay.