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Criticize Both Sides

Dear Editor: If the pope is going to publicly denounce people for their actions, why hasn’t he spoken against Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who voted against a ban on partial-birth abortion?


Belle Harbor

2 thoughts on “Criticize Both Sides

  1. Dear Editor,
    In response to Ms. Erhard’s letter (02/05/2016). We have marches, protests outside abortion clinics, States like Texas, and Kansas devoting all their energy to ending abortion, papal encyclicals, arguments in front of the Supreme Court, and people shoot and killed, all in the name of ending abortion.
    Pope Francis makes a reference to the idea of building a wall to stop poor people from escaping their misery and you scream for equal time. Get some perspective !!

  2. You are lacking in perspective. The Democratic Party in the two states you name are continuously expanding their support for abortion, not “ending” it, and they effectively use the courts to get their way no matter how much opposition. And however much Catholic publications might hide from the fact, the majority of those describing themselves as Catholic, support abortion, even greater than the general population.

    The protection of a border, one of the very few legitimate purposes of government, is not intended to “stop poor people from escaping their misery.” It is intended to reduce the damage done to poor people from dying in the desert making the crossing, to end the damage done in poor communities in the United States with drug gangs having easy access, to stop the inherent evil of human trafficking, and to end the crisis of desperate, and oftentimes evil, parents sending their small children across the border to fend for themselves. Concern for the poor would suggest a need to oppose the socialist governments that continuously create greater levels of poverty.

    Concern for such a lack of perspective over the greatest evil in human history, abortion, does not constitute “screaming.”