Letters to the Editor

Coverage of Vital Issues

Dear Editor: This evening, I read two issues of The Tablet.

The Sept. 2nd issue: “US Bishops Address ‘Sin of Racism’”; “Diocese Establishes New Commission on Racism”; Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio’s weekly column, “Combatting the Sin of Racism” (Some may complain, “Too little, too late,” but I applaud the effort and wish that other archdioceses and dioceses would follow suit with such prominent placement and prioritization of resources).

The Sept. 9th issue: “Bishops Blast Trump Ax-tion on DACA”; “Is Pope Trying to Get Trump to Pay Attention to Ecology”; “Bishops’ ‘Labor Day Message’ Scores ‘Excessive Inequality’”; “Sandy Survivors Step Up Help with Harvey Relief” (profiling efforts at St. Mary of the Isle Church in Long Beach, under lay volunteers and Father Brian Barr, pastor.)

Bravo for the efforts of Msgr. Kieran Harrington, vicar of communications, and Ed Wilkinson, editor, for covering such vital issues.

Would that other diocesan leaders and publications would, “Go and do likewise.”


Geneseo, N.Y.

Editor’s Note: Ronald Herzman is a distinguished teaching professor of English at the State University of New York.