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Continue to Speak for Justice

Dear Editor: After enduring the most exhausting and turbulent presidential campaign in modern history, now is the time to reflect on our role as Catholic Christians. Donald Trump conducted a campaign fueled by hatred, fear, racism, xenophobia and misogyny.

The Brooklyn Catholic Diocese advocated for Catholics to follow their conscience throughout this election season. This is no longer enough. It is now time for the hierarchy from archbishops to deacons to speak out for truth and justice.

The Sunday Gospel readings should no longer be reduced to five-minute theological abstractions or old sermons taken from samplers. Application of the Gospel message in our daily lives is a moral imperative. It behooves our Church leaders to speak truth to power and publicly denounce the vitriolic discourse of our politicians. Anti- Semitism, Islamophobia and anti-immigrant/refugee rhetoric must be called out. Ideological differences are the foundation of a democracy, but half truths and fear mongering are unacceptable.

Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani, both Catholics, will have some influence in the next administration. They should also be brought to task, if they continue to resort to their base tactics.

The Church promotes the “Sanctity of Life” for all people. As Catholic Christians, we take care of the impoverished, the dispossessed, the elderly, the sick and yes, the hard-working illegal immigrants and the heartbroken refugees seeking asylum. Let us emulate Bishop DiMarzio’s advocacy for immigrants.

Silence, fear and indifference are not the resolution. We must speak out against injustice in whatever form it shows itself. Christ called out the hypocrites and paid the ultimate price. Let us take comfort in His words, Do not be afraid!


Windsor Terrace

One thought on “Continue to Speak for Justice

  1. If you believe that Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani are examples of good Catholics who will lead this country on a path of care for the impoverished, dispossessed, elderly, sick, and illegal immigrants then you are sadly mistaken. Take a closer look. Pope Francis might have a thing or two to say about these men and their Catholicism.