Letters to the Editor

Congress Must Act on Guns

Dear Editor: There is absolutely no logical reason for any gun shop or gun show  to be selling major assault weapons. The only people who should have those weapons legally are law enforcement and our military.

Also, the legal age to purchase firearms should be raised to 21 nationally. Why is the NRA so opposed to that? Mr. LaPierre, the very vocal and agitating president of the NRA, should be in full support of both of these measures. Nobody is trying to take away the legitimate and legal right for a person who has passed a thorough background check to purchase and own a weapon, and no one is trying to take away the Second Amendment.

Teachers are in classrooms to teach, not to carry weapons to have to be used should a shooting situation develop in their schools. That is the responsibility of our police officers and SWAT teams to respond to an active shooting situation at any school.

Congress needs to stop dawdling with this very serious issue and work to bring about these desperately needed changes.

On March 24, this country will hear the outraged and angry voices of millions of people, led by the students from Parkland, Florida, demanding that gun violence stop and stop now, as they converge and march on Washington D. C. Then the politicians  in our do-nothing Congress will be forced to sit up and take notice and listen to all of these outraged Americans.

Stop kowtowing to the NRA, Congress! They do not run this country – you do, and had better start running it the right way! No more mass shootings, no more gun violence, and much more tougher gun laws and laws  affecting  those people who are  mentally ill who are able to obtain these murderous weapons of death and destruction.


Fresh Meadows