Letters to the Editor

Condemn All Racism

Dear Editor: “Diocese Established New Commission on Racism” (Sept. 2, 2017), tells us “Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio is forming a new commission to study the effects of racism in the Church and on the Diocese. He made the announcement Aug. 24 at a special Mass for Solidarity and Peace to counter the racist overtones of demonstration in Charlottesville, Va.”

The bishop specifically mentioned, the “Ku Klux Klan, Neo-Nazis, Alt Right, white supremacists, as groups that have their roots in racism and need to be rejected.”

I don’t recall black Americans being angry by a Confederate flag, or Lee’s statute in a park until black hate groups and the leftist media told them. It was the latent white haters, with their support for Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panthers Party, and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam who constantly call all white people racists!

It was Antifa thugs in Charlottesville who were acting as Hitler’s Brownshirts, beating lawful protester’s with clubs, punching, kicking them and throwing rocks at cops. Watching the riot, I got the impression that unless you denounce Trump, you will be accused of racism and labeled a white supremacist.

If the bishop’s commission is to be fair and inclusive it must look at both sides. He cannot ignore black hate groups.


East Flatbush