Letters to the Editor

Common Sense Approach

Dear Editor: I say “Double Amen!” to Father John Catoir’s Up Front & Personal column (April 29) “Protecting Our Borders Is A Matter of Justice.”

Obviously there is a delicate balance between complete mercy and common sense. To all those who quickly criticize our country’s vetting process I have two simple questions.

1 – Do you lock your doors when you go to bed at night?

2 – Would you invite a total stranger to sleep over?




Dear Editor: I was shocked to see The Tablet print a different view on the immigration issue. In his column, Father John Caitor argues that vetting and securing borders are necessary for our security. Of course Catholics must show charity and compassion for all, but that shouldn’t mean that we need to leave our doors unlocked.

It was refreshing to see the legitimate concern for our security acknowledged in your paper. Reading The Tablet most weeks, one might assume that open borders was part of Catholic doctrine. Father Catoir explains that the Holy Father has said no such thing.

We are often reminded that the Church in America was built by immigrants. That is certainly true. But that selective history fails to mention that many immigrants were rejected at Ellis Island. Anyone suspected of being infectious was either quarantined or returned home. Even the most liberal Catholic would have to admit that a small percentage of today’s immigrants pose a lot bigger threat to the USA than pink eye.