Colorful Polish Palms

polishpalms2Palm-making is one of the most interesting Polish Easter traditions. Palm displays are made out of colorful flowers, dried grasses, evergreens or pussy willow branches, decorated with tissue paper and bows. They can be different sizes, but the highest are over 30 yards tall. In many regions of Poland, competitions for the most beautiful, decorative and prominent palms are organized. polishpalms1

Local Festivities 
On Palm Sunday, March 24, parishioners of St. Frances de Chantal, Borough Park, gathered in front of the church at the John Paul II monument to begin their celebration. They brought palms made for the contest held the day before at Kazimierz Pulaski Polish Supplementary School. After the palms were blessed by Father Andrzej Kurowski, S.A.C., pastor, they were carried into the church and placed around the altar for the remainder of the Mass.

Photos © Ewa Wiater