Letters to the Editor

Climate Control Warning

Dear Editor: It is troubling that President Trump is now questioning climate science and is threatening to pull out of the Paris Accords in which almost 200 nations will work to reduce carbon emissions.

In addition, his appointments have been troubling. He has named climate change deniers to head the Department of Environmental Protection, the Department of Energy and the Department of the Interior. The nominee for Secretary of State, the chief executive of Exxon, is a man with deep ties to Vladimir Putin through the oil business.

I write, not as a business leader, but as a Catholic concerned about the effects of climate change on the environment and the health of the planet on which we live and which sustains us.

The evidence is indeed irrefutable that the Earth is warming and that the changes caused by this warming are already producing harmful effects including melting glaciers, rising sea levels, changes in wind patterns. We are experiencing unusual storm activity in some areas and drought in others. A changing climate produces changes in farming patterns that effect all of us, but hit poor communities hardest.

The Catholic Climate Covenant has a petition on its website, catholicclimatecovenant.org, which calls upon President Trump to honor the Paris Agreement, the Green Climate Fund and the Clean Power Plan. I urge all readers to go to this site to sign online.