Church Supports Work-Free Sundays In Europe

OXFORD, England (CNS) – Catholic church groups have joined trade unions in the European Sunday Alliance, which will campaign to protect Sundays and ensure fairer conditions for family life.
“Some people say there can never be a return to work-free Sundays – but the many working together in this alliance don’t share this view,” said Anna Echterhoff, who serves as legal adviser for institutional and social affairs at the Commission of the Bishops’ Conferences of the European Community, one of the organizations supporting the alliance.
“That so many stakeholders from different backgrounds are involved is something new and unique.”
The alliance was launched June 20 in Brussels by 65 church organizations, unions and civil associations.
Among them are Europe’s Catholic Youth Network, the Central Committee of German Catholics, representatives of the German bishops and the European Jesuits, Poland’s Solidarity union, France’s Force Ouvriere and the Danish food workers union.
It also includes family organizations from a dozen countries.