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Brooklyn-Diocesan-Seal-COLORThe United States Catholic Conference of Bishops (USCCB) has been advised of concerns regarding Father Edgar Magana, O.F.M. The Province of Santa Barbara of the Order of Friars Minor has advised the Conference that Father Magana is not a priest in good standing and does not possess faculties to function as a priest. Father Magana has been dismissed from that Order and is awaiting a decision from the Holy See on his appeal.

It is advised against offering Father Magana faculties to serve in any priestly capacity.

• • •

The USCCB has been advised of concerns regarding Father Carlos Malaver-Parada. Father Malaver-Parada is a priest of the Diocese of Great Falls-Billings, Montana, but was removed from ministry following allegations of misconduct. The Diocese is initiating further canonical procedures against Father Malaver-Parada and relates that it has information that Father Malaver-Parada has contacted other dioceses seeking ministry positions.

Since Father Malaver-Parada has apparently been in contact with several dioceses in this country, please be advised that he is not in good standing.

• • •

An individual presenting himself as “Father Jose Chamorro” is claiming to be a Catholic priest who was recently assigned to a parish in Queens from Connecticut, and is in need of funds to help him move from Connecticut. He has collected $300 so far, from one victim alone. The Brooklyn Diocesan Chancery Office has been informed that he has been visiting funeral homes offering pastoral services.

Please be advised that “Father Chamorro” has no permission whatsoever to function in any way as a priest in the Diocese of Brooklyn, and it is highly doubtful that he is a Catholic priest at all.

• • •

The USCCB has been advised of concerns regarding Father Jesus Orlando Rengifo, a priest of the Diocese of Pereira, Colombia, who has served temporarily in the Archdiocese of Newark, N.J. The Archdiocese relates that he was removed from ministry there following an allegation of misconduct, and that the Diocese of Pereira advised that it has also suspended Father Rengifo and instituted canonical proceedings against him. The Archdiocese also advises that Father Rengifo has recently presented himself at Archdiocesan offices in Newark seeking some form of return to ministry, and did so in clerical garb despite the fact that his suspension prohibits him from engaging in priestly ministry. Because Father Rengifo has taken these steps, the Archdiocese is concerned that he may also be seeking opportunities in other dioceses.

It is advised against offering Father Jesus Orlando Rengifo faculties to serve in any priestly capacity.

• • •

If you might have information about any of these situations, contact The Chancery immediately at 718-399-5990.


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