Letters to the Editor

Censoring Father Martin

Dear Editor: This is in reference to the article (Sept. 23) concerning Father James Martin, and how they cancelled his invitation to speak at the Theological College following the publication of his new book “’Building a Bridge.”

This priest said numerous heretical things like:

“The Church needs to rethink its teachings about homosexuality – Its dogmatic teaching. Instead of saying it’s objectively disordered, it should say it’s just differently ordered.”

This pro-gay dissenting priest is going around misrepresenting homosexuality and the Church’s teaching, presenting it as a gift from God that you are born that way, that it should be accepted as nothing more than ‘different’ as opposed to ‘disordered’ and that same sex relationships need to be reverenced by the Church.

Meanwhile, Father Martin is blaming and slamming The Church Militant website for calling him out on this. Father Martin told The Tablet that we are called by Jesus to reach out to our LGBT Catholic brothers and sisters.

It’s one thing to reach out to them by showing them the error of their ways but never at the expense of confirming them in their sin. Such is a false compassion because there is no charity without truth.