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Catholic School Visit

Dear Editor: I found it very interesting that the first and only school that our President has visited is a Catholic elementary school, St. Andrew’s in Florida.

Bishop DiMarzio said there are empty seats in our schools that he wants filled. Somehow, pastors, priests, parishioners, catechists, coaches, directors of religious education, academy board directors and members are urged to try even harder to find a way to fill those seats.

In view of all the effort, money, planning, meetings, strategizing, etc. to promote and implement Preserving the Vision, President Trump’s visit should have been front-page news in The Tablet and included in every bulletin for those who do not watch FOX News.

Trump’s parents were generous and discrete over 50 years ago with their gifts to Immaculate Conception School, Jamaica Estates. However, President Donald J. Trump’s effort should have been highlighted. Maybe it would enlighten some voters to consider supporting candidates who agree with our president’s view about our much needed vouchers.


Richmond Hill

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