WYD Report: Auschwitz Visit

“All I could do really was stand there and read the sign and take off my hat out of respect because there is nothing that could be said to further encapsulate what comes from this visit,” said Matthew Perez.

WYD Report: Mercy Center (with slideshow)

“Sometimes we think Mass is only for old people. Looking around is a good reminder that there are young people around that do believe in Jesus and are alive with the Catholic faith and want to be here,” Cintron said.

WYD: Day 2, Catechesis (with Slideshow)

“The world needs God’s mercy in so many different ways that each of us can be a minister of mercy to the world,” Bishop DiMarzio said.

WYD Report: Opening Day with Slide Show

“It’s pretty amazing just to be here for the first time with so many more blessings that I can bring back to my parish,” said pilgrim Jilenny Duran, 16.

Diocesan Youth on Pilgrimage

Snapshots of World Youth Day pilgrims from Brooklyn and Queens en route to and upon arrival in Krakow, Poland.

Expectations of a World Youth Day Pilgrim

I am very honored and privileged to be attending World Youth Day (WYD) in Krakow, Poland. This is my third World Youth Day, and this one is so special to me because it is the birthplace of World Youth Day’s founder St. Pope John Paul II. There are so many beautiful sites that I am looking forward to visiting and attending Mass.

WYD Pilgrims from Diocese Are Ready to Be Challenged

More than 600 young people from Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens are attending World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland, this week. Here are the stories of Nadege Michel, Pearl Larnage and Peter Damour.

Excitement Reigned as Local WYD Pilgrims Prepared for Takeoff

The last group of pilgrims from the Diocese of Brooklyn gathered at John F. Kennedy Airport to fly to Poland for World Youth Day on July 25. Despite weather delays, pilgrims remained upbeat and hopeful to live out their faith with millions of other young Catholics.