Being Like Jesus to All

BEING A NATIVE New Yorker, I am very much accustomed to the New York City subway system. Having taken the subway trains all my life to get within the five boroughs, I am aware of how the system works. I am also aware of my surroundings while riding the subway at certain times of the day.

Take His Hand and Be Healed

EVERY THIRD TUESDAY of the month, I celebrate Mass at Concord Nursing Home in Bedford-Stuyvesant. The Missionaries of Charity Sisters, who live in the convent, arranged for this Mass to be celebrated each month. The residents of the nursing home look forward to this Mass, but most especially seeing the sisters.

Calling Forth Our True Selves

LAST WEEK’S Scriptures described Jesus breaking the monotony of the lives of a few fishermen, elevating them to become His disciples. Today, we are given a scenario that could potentially take away the peace of people in the synagogue by the presence of a man with an unclean spirit. He is loud. He interrupts.

The Invitation Amid Interruption

More often, Jesus has a tendency of showing up unannounced and with no appointment. Today, on this third Sunday of Ordinary Time, He interrupts us with an invitation to follow Him.

An Invitation to Find Out More

THE WEEKEND after the feast of the Epiphany takes us back to Ordinary Time and the beginning of the ministry of Jesus. Change can be a challenging experience for many people, which is why this week’s Scripture reflection is appropriate shortly after our celebration of the new calendar year.

We Are Seekers on A Common Journey

THIS WEEK’S Feast of the Epiphany is a continuation of the Christmas story in the prologue of Matthew’s Gospel. The beginning narrative reflects major historical events that give an explanation to the profound significance of the birth of our Savior, Jesus. There is, however, a subtle detail in this familiar story that many of us often overlook. It describes people that are on the move.

Living in The Joy of Love

On this feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God’s word invites reflection on the joys, responsibilities and challenges of family life in the light of Christian faith and discipleship.

Choose and Use Your Words Wisely

ST. GABRIEL, the Archangel, delivers a message in today’s Gospel that alters the course of salvation history. It is perhaps the greatest message that can ever be delivered – that God is making due on His long promise of bringing a Savior into the world.

Don’t Get Carried Away With Yourself

by Father Michael Panicali

EVERY BIG-NAME comedian or music group knows the importance of having a good warm-up act work the crowd before they have to take the stage.

Allow God to Pave Your Path

MY DAD, the late Eugene Panicali, had a penchant for blasting the sitting mayor or governor every time he’d go over a pothole or a rut in the road – as if the politician were personally responsible for the crater that threw his wheels out of alignment.