Cathedral Prep Crew Rewarded With Jet Flights

Cathedral Prep students helped research the purchase options for a jet, which is now the “Flying Classroom” of pioneering pilot Capt. Barrington Irving. The good captain returned the favor recently by giving them rides in the Learjet over Long Island.

Only In Print: Queens Kids Send Cards to Ukraine

Father Israel Perez, administrator of Holy Child Jesus Parish, Richmond Hill, asked Patricia Winters, principal of Holy Child Jesus Catholic Academy, if the schoolchildren would like to send messages to their peers in Ukraine.

Only In Print: Cognia Accreditation Earned by Queens Catholic Academy

Immaculate Conception Catholic Academy – Astoria recently achieved accreditation from an organization that grades schools worldwide. The Diocese of Brooklyn has 66 elementary schools which, like ICCA-A, routinely achieve accreditation, school officials said.

Multi-Cultural Diocesan Schools Attract Students of All Faiths

Maya Singh, an eighth-grader at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Academy in Queens, said she has enjoyed every minute of her time in the school, where she feels right at home and has made many friends with whom she has a lot in common. But one thing that Maya does not have in common with many of her classmates is religion. Unlike them, Maya is not Catholic.

St. Joseph the Worker technology grant

The ‘Technology Superintendent’

Deacon Kevin McCormack, the newly-named superintendent of Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn, has spent nearly 40 years guiding students at Xaverian, first as a teacher and then as principal for the past 15 years.

Sisters Team Up In Hopes of Winning Fundraiser for Catholic Schools

Noelle Pianoforte, a sixth-grader at St. Athanasius Catholic Academy, won the the Tablet’s Covid Relief Fundraiser for Catholic Schools competition in 2021 for selling the most subscriptions to The Tablet than any other student in the diocese — 48 — and she’s trying to help her younger sister Natalie, a third-grader, take top honors this year.