College Section Fall 2021

The Tablet proudly presents “College Section Fall 2021: an informative resource on colleges and enrollment.”

Annual High School Special Section 2021

The Tablet has invited local Catholic high schools to participate in this special section to help prospective high school students and their families be aware of their options and make a final decision.

Bishop DiMarzio Honored

Cristo Rey Brooklyn High School, East Flatbush, paid tribute to Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio during an Annual Gala on Oct. 5.

Students’ Rally Honors Rosary and Relic of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Catholic students in Bayside, Queens learned Oct. 7 that candidates for sainthood don’t have to be pious adults who lived hundreds of years ago, but also modern-day kids like themselves and Blessed Carlo Acutis, whose relict hey venerated at a Rosary Rally led by Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio.

Stepping Up Social Justice Lessons

In September Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio announced the introduction of a new Catholic social justice curriculum that will be incorporated into religion classes in all schools, Catholic academies, and religious education programs in the diocese.