Deacon Andres de la Rosa

Deacon Andres de la Rosa 77, a retired deacon of the diocese who served at St. Rita’s parish, East New York, died March 11.

Sister Kathryn Margaret Walsh C.S.J.

Sister Kathryn Margaret Walsh C.S.J., a sister of St. Joseph for 67 years, died, March 18. She received a bachelor’s degree in History from St. Joseph College, Brooklyn.

Sister Mary Elizabeth Rogers, C.S.J.

Sister Mary Elizabeth Rogers, C.S.J., formerly Sister Mary Theodora, a Sister of St. Joseph, Brentwood, for 75 years, died March 11.

Sister Dorothy Marie Schnell, C.S.J.

Sister Dorothy Marie Schnell, C.S.J., formerly Sister Miriam Walter a Sister of St. Joseph, Brentwood, for 66 years, died March 8 at the Maria Regina Residence in Brentwood.

Oldest US Prelate, Bishop Francis A. Quinn, 97, Dies

Retired Bishop Francis A. Quinn of Sacramento, California, who headed the Northern California diocese from 1980 to 1994 and later spent 13 years ministering to Native Americans in the Diocese of Tucson, died March 21 at age 97.

Angela Scannapieco

Angela Scannapieco, 61, one of two consecrated virgins in the diocese, died Saturday, March 2.

Florencia Amoah

Florencia Amoah, the mother of Father Anselmus Mawusi, a priest of the Diocese of Jasikan, Ghana, who is currently parochial vicar of St. Catherine of Genoa, East Flatbush, died Feb. 21.

Barbara Bartnikowska

Barbara Bartnikowska, the sister of Father Slawomir Soblech, parochial vicar of St. Rose of Lima, Rockaway Beach, died Feb. 22.

Sister Jean Waldron, S.C.

Sister Jean Waldron, S.C., a Sister of Charity-Halifax, Nova Scotia, for 62 years, died Feb. 19 at Elizabeth Seton Residence, Wellesley Hills, Mass. She was 83.