Obituaries, Week of July 18, 2020

Father Eugene P. Coyle, age 93; Sister Maryla Farfour, I.H.M., age 96; Sister Annette Marie Lucchese, O.S.F., Sister Mary Dismas Marschhauser, O.P., age 96; Sister Marie Therese Murphy, O.P., age 96; Ms. Mary T. Diamond; Mr. Aleksander Piatkowski; Mr. Edward B. Wtulich.

Obituaries, Week of June 13, 2020

Father August “Augie” J. Iantosca, age 69; Sister Angela Marie Rooney, S. C., age 103; Sister Barbara Rose Gerardi, O.P.; age 74.

Obituaries, Week of June 6, 2020

Sister Marguerite McGilly, S.C., age 82; Mrs. Pauline D. Kachurka (née Stefl), age 90; Mrs. Mary Wagner (née Connor), age 80.

Obituaries, Week of May 30, 2020

Msgr. John C. Tosi, age 73; Father Ernest C. Lukaschek, M.M., age 84; Sister Rose Christopher McKeegan, M.M., age 89; Sister Catherine Zimmer, S.C., age 92.

Obituaries, Week of May 23, 2020

Sister Georgianna Glose, O.P., age 73; Sister Jacqueline Hughes, O.P., age 84; Sister Louise Kreppein, O.P., age 98; Mr. Cosmas Ahiarakwem.