Catholic Bishops Say MLK ‘Simply Wanted to Do the Will of God’

Fifty years after his assassination in 1968, Catholic leaders in the United States say that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy, especially his determination to do God’s will, continues to inspire the Church in its own efforts to overcome racism.

Cardinal Dolan: Democrats Abandon Catholic Values

The once “big tent” of the Democratic Party “now seems a pup tent” as a party that Catholics once embraced has abandoned so many issues Catholics cherish, such as the sanctity of human life and religious education, said New York’s cardinal.

US Bishops Tweet Support For Tougher Gun Controls

As thousands marched on Washington and around the country in support of tighter gun control policies, a number of Catholic bishops took to social media to offer support for those participating in the events.

Polish Pisanki: A Traditional Way to Color Easter Eggs

Pisanki, the art of decorating Easter eggs is practiced in Poland and in several other Eastern European countries. In Polish, the verb “pisac” means “to write,” hence pisanki can be loosely translated as “writing on eggs.”

Conscience Protection Omitted From Congress Funding Bill

The chairmen of the U.S. bishops’ pro-life and religious freedom committees said it was “deeply disappointing” that Congress omitted the Conscience Protection Act from the congressional funding bill for fiscal year 2018.