Newly Ordained Priest Was Thrust Into Action on 9/11

In 2001, Father Gerard Sauer was a newly ordained priest at St. Patrick Church, helping guide a grieving parish through the horror of the 9/11 terror attack and its aftermath. Two decades later, he is the pastor of the Bay Ridge church, helping parishioners cope with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pushing With a Purpose

When the hills seemed too steep to climb or a hard rain was pelting his skin, former flight attendant Paul “Paulie” Veneto kept his head down, stared at the nine faces smiling back at him, and powered through the pain.

Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning?

It took over two months for the music industry to address the horrific attacks that occurred on 9/11. People were confused, angry, and still in shock over what occurred on that fateful day, until a country singer from Newnan, Ga., helped put it all into perspective for us with a song that resonated throughout the country and the world.

For Many, 9/11 Lingers in Form of Life-Threatening Illnesses

Chris Sorrentino still has a hard time thinking about that day. But Sept. 11 never goes away for another reason: the toxic dust at ground zero that he breathed in over the next several months and the bladder cancer he developed years later.

‘A Clear Day … The Most Terrible Day’

Sept. 11, 2001, was the worst day I ever spent in The Tablet office. As I approached 310 Prospect Park West where our offices were located, I heard the news on the “Imus in the Morning” radio show. Bulletin — a plane has crashed into the World Trade Center.

Remembrances of 9/11 Can Be Found All Over the Diocese

Twenty years later, the memories of Sept. 11 are still vivid for people in the Diocese of Brooklyn. There are reminders everywhere. Over the years, churches and schools erected monuments in tribute to the parishioners and alumni they lost on that tragic day.