Catholic Leaders Praise Abolition of Death Penalty in Colorado

Catholic leaders are cheering Colorado’s abolition of the death penalty – a move they say is fueled by new momentum following the revision to the Catholic Catechism to officially ban the practice and one that signals a westward expansion in the U.S. of the death penalty’s repeal.

Priest Begins Offering Drive-Through Confessions in Church Parking Lot

When public Masses in the Archdiocese of Washington were suspended in efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Father Scott Holmer, pastor at St. Edward the Confessor Parish in Bowie, Maryland, got creative about bringing the sacraments to his local community.

Community Join Forces to Rebuild Nashville Church

Destruction is a new and difficult sight for Church of the Assumption parishioner Mark Cassman to see. Just two days prior to the Tennessee tornadoes, the church had welcomed parishioners for Sunday Mass. Now a sign on the door warns them to stay away.

‘Spotlight’ Attorney Faces Defamation Charges

Prominent attorney Mitchell Garabedian may face defamation charges following a ruling from a U.S. District judge that Garabedian never intended to bring charges against a teacher his client accused of sexual abuse. That teacher maintains his innocence.

Only in Print: Cartoonist Draws His Inspiration From Christ

“It’s my form of worship to God,” Jonny Hawkins said, “to use my creativity to bring joy and lift people’s spirits and hopefully bring a smile to their face.” Since 1986, more than 45,000 of Hawkins’ cartoons have sold to an array of publications including Chicken Soup for the Soul, Reader’s Digest, Parade Magazine, Catholic Herald, Catholic Digest and St. Louis Review, amongst others.