The Year in Review

While the campaign promises made by candidate Trump were a source of great joy to the U.S. Catholic bishops during the first few weeks of his presidency, the rest of 2017 – with a few notable exceptions – would be marked by serious tensions between the administration and the hierarchy of the U.S. Church.

Priest Commits Suicide After Charges Are Made

A priest being investigated for “excessive and questionable” communications with a minor and possible misuse of church funds committed suicide, the bishop of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, said.

Minn. Compensation Plan Ordered Back to Mediation

The Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minn., said a bankruptcy judge’s decision that the archdiocese should return to mediation with the other involved parties “bolsters our resolve to move forward in the bankruptcy process.”

Cardinal Law’s Death Creates Delicate Tightrope Act for US Catholic Leaders

The response to Cardinal Law’s death has been nothing short of a delicate tightrope act of witnessing to both the Christian hope of resurrection in death and great mercy in light of grave sins, while also duly acknowledging the continued pain of the clergy sexual abuse crisis – the most cancerous manifestation in the Roman Catholic Church, according to some observers, since the Protestant Reformation.