Anti-Asian Hate Continues to Grow

A few days before the start of Lent, Father Vincentius Do assessed the COVID-19 pandemic’s assault on Chinese members of St. Agatha’s Parish.
“The report is bleak,” the pastor said, “The Asian community seemed to be spared in the first wave, but hit hard in the second wave.”

Black Religious Orders Broke Racial Barriers in America

When it comes to the earliest orders of Black Catholic religious sisters in the United States, Shannen Dee Williams wants people to recognize something she considers overlooked — the perseverance, struggle, and commitment to God they put forth to make religious life possible for black women and girls.

Houston Catholics Struggle With Historic Storm, Power Outages

The historic winter storms in February shattered electric plants across Texas, prompting energy providers to force blackouts across the state to preserve what fragile electricity they could generate. At least 49 deaths have been linked to the storms and subsequent power outages.

After Perceived Rift, Pope Joins Gomez in Addressing L.A. Congress

In a video message sent to the annual Religious Education Congress in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, Pope Francis argued that the “commitment, strength and dedication” of all is needed to build a better tomorrow after a global pandemic that has impacted the lives of all people.