Clericalism a Key Cause of Women’s Exclusion, Korean Nun Says

Sister Mina Kwon, a South Korean nun taking part in this month’s summit of bishops in Rome, has said that as the Church ponders how to better include women in decision-making roles, clericalism must be exposed as an underlying reason they’re not often seen in leadership.

Sexuality is Big Issue at Synod of Bishops, But Not the Only One

According to German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, this month’s gathering of bishops at the Vatican is not a “Synod on Sexuality.” Instead, he insisted that that the nearly 300 delegates from around the world can’t lose sight of the fact that young people are the primary focus of the high-profile meeting.

Bishop Caggiano: Accountability Key For Bishops’ Summit

Bishop Frank Caggiano of Bridgeport, Connecticut, has become one of the most closely watched American prelates at a time when the Church in the United States is in full crisis mode, making it perhaps unsurprising that he was the first bishop to raise the issue of clerical sex abuse during this month’s Vatican summit on young people.